It tastes so good how can it be sugar-free? Cracked Candy is made from xylitol instead of sugar—it’s a natural sweetener found in fruits, vegetables, trees and corn.

What is xylitolDespite its medicine-y name, Xylitol is a natural sugar alternative. Your body is busy making about 10g a day of it. It’s also found in many berries and vegetables. We use only non-GMO xylitol sourced from nice people (apparently they bring their moms flowers regularly).

How did you come up with this wonderful candy? When our founder Flora Pringle discovered the health benefits of Xylitol, she had an earthquake sized, a-ha moment: candy makes people happy, but can it be healthy? …and so a company was born.

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Do you ship internationally? Yes, just process your order through the shopping cart and you’ll have that option at checkout. Just please send us a picture of you in front of a local landmark so we can brag to our friends.

Where can I buy Cracked Candy? Check out our superduper store locator Store Locator Click here

What flavors do you have? We are coming up with more mouth-watering flavors but for the moment check out our current products

How many calories are in it? 50-60 in the whole tin (1-2 calories per piece)

What is the calorie content compared to sugar candy? It’s much, much lower thanks to Xylitol. It has 40% fewer calories than "normal" table sugar, it also contains 75% less carbohydrates compared to "normal" table sugar. So crack on! Read more…

 What else is in Cracked Candy?

  • Potassium bitartrate, also known as cream of tartar which is often used in baking to help it gel properly.
  • Calcium stearate, which is plant based and prevents the candy from sticking together. (we just use tiny bit)
  • Citric acid (lemon only) is naturally found in citrus fruit and is used to make the Lemon Ice flavor more deliciously zesty, tangy, and well… lemony!
  • Lemon, Orange, Peppermint, and Cinnamon Oils and flavors are all therapeutic grade, pure and natural.

How is xylitol made? In the same way sugar is processed from sugar-cane, Xylitol is processed from plants such as corn or birch trees

And it’s safe for diabetics? Well, we’re not doctors and we certainly make no health claims about Cracked Candy and Diabetes but it is known that Xylitol doesn’t mess with your blood sugar levels (it has a very low glycemic index).

Why is it good for teeth? Dentists love xylitol because it strengthens teeth and prevents decay. It may also promote re-enamelization. It prevents bad bacteria from sticking to teeth, which means less plaque. Also the more you crunch on Xylitol, the more your salvia is stimulated which naturally helps weakened enamel harden.

So it’s mouth-wateringly good for me? Exactly. Oral decay causing bacteria (strep, the same bacteria that causes throat and ear infections) can’t live off Xylitol, so they dies off and your mouth is cleansed. Some dentists say it is better than dental floss!

You should enjoy 1-2 pieces of Cracked Candy after every meal for best results. And then another 1-2 pieces just because you can’t help yourself.

Why does it make my mouth feel cold? That’s the Xylitol! It has a cooling effect inside the mouth.

Where is it made? Cracked Candy is lovingly made in Brooklyn, NY with the help of Brooklyn Community Services who provide work for people with disabilities. Read more…

What happens if I eat the whole tin at once? Two things.

  1. You quickly buy more because you’ve realized how delicious it is.
  2. You shouldn’t worry but should know that for some people eating more than 60g at once (which is more than a whole tin) can cause you some tummy distress – just like any sugar substitute.

Is it safe for kids? Yes! It can be a great way to treat your kids and help keep their mouth healthy. Just be careful, as with any hard, edible item, choking is a risk for small children.

Is it safe for pregnant/breastfeeding mothers? Yes, it’s safe for both of you. In fact, some studies have shown it’s good for the baby’s development and transfers bacterial resistance to strep via the breast milk.

I’ve heard it’s bad for dogs? Yes, do NOT give Cracked Candy do your pup. As with chocolate and grapes, dogs’ livers can’t process Xylitol. Keep it for yourself and feel free to share it with other humans.