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Insureon: Small Business Ownership in America, where Passion meets Resources

When you look at your social media feed or the newspaper, you'll probably see a picture of a divided America. Our differences show up everywhere. Even Insureon's Small Business Outlook 2017 found that where you live impacts how you do business.  We spoke to entrepreneurs from cities, suburbs, and small towns and will explore our findings in a three-part series. Let's start with what we learned about urban small-business ownership.

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Today, we’re bringing you a brand new batch of professionals sharing some love for their business and the experiences that have made their company thrive. Flora Pringle, Founder & CEO of Cracked Candy LLC says:  I Love My Business Because: it changes lives.

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Opp Loans: 20 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts

17. For the Health-Conscious Person Who Still Craves Tasty Treats The flipside of giving your partner a bunch of candy for Valentine’s Day is that, well, candy isn’t actually all that good for you! Or at least, most candy isn’t. The hard candies from Cracked Candy (@CrackedCandy) are sugar-free, vegan and diabetic safe, and they’re even good for your teeth.

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